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Psalm 7 LM (88:88)

LORD God for Your refuge I call;
Save me from all those who pursue;
Lest my soul, like lions, they maul;
And tear me, with none to rescue.

O, LORD God, if this I have made;
If there is evil in my hands;
If harm to my friend I’ve repaid;
Or made foes through unjust demands…

Then let the foe pursue my soul;
Let him stomp my life in the ground.
To the dust, let my glory roll;
Let all my honor there be found.

Arise, O LORD in Your fury;
Lift Yourself up against my foes;
Against their wrath, awake for me;
Command the judgment that You chose.

Gather the people around You;
Return to rule them from on high;
The LORD judges all as His due:
My righteous heart, LORD, verify.

End wicked evil of all kinds,
And make all the righteous secure;
You, who tests all our hearts and minds,
O God of Hosts, righteous and pure.

God is my shield; He will save me;
He saves hearts set on the right way;
God on high judges righteously;
God is indignant every day.

If any man will not repent,
God has prepared His sword of death;
His bow of vengeance has been bent,
His arrows breathe a fiery breath.

The wicked man is in labor;
Pregnant with mischief, he gives birth;
He bears trouble for his neighbor;
And his lies populate the earth.

He makes a pit and digs it deep,
But falls into the hole he made;
On his own head, his woe he’ll heap;
To him, his violence is repaid.

I thank the LORD, for He is just;
He is righteous in everything;
I praise the LORD, in whom I trust;
To the Most High my praise I sing.

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Psalm 6 LM (88:88)

Lord, in anger, don’t rebuke me;
In Your wrath no chastisement make.
Lord, I am weak — show me mercy;
Heal me, for all my bones now quake.

My soul is quaking with fear too;
Lord, how long must I know distress?
Turn, O Lord — come to my rescue;
Save me in Your lovingkindness.

In death, there is no thought of You;
And who can praise You from the grave?
I groan all day, and all night through;
My tears flood my bed like a wave.

My eye grows dim because I grieve,
It fails because of all my foes;
All you wicked, now take your leave;
The Lord has heard my cries and woes.

The Lord has heard my earnest pleas;
He accepts my prayers in His Name.
He will dismay my enemies;
They shall at once be put to shame.

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Psalm 5 CM (86:86)

Give ear to my words now, O Lord;
Consider my dismay.
Hear my loud cry, my King and God;
For to You now I pray.

Lord, in the morning hear my voice,
Which to You l direct.
At dawn, I lift my prayers to You,
And eagerly expect.

For You are not a God that will
In wickedness delight;
So evil cannot dwell with You,
Nor fools stand in Your sight.

You hate all who do evil deeds,
And kill those who speak lies;
The Lord abhors bloodthirsty men;
Their deceit He’ll despise.

But I will come into Your house,
By Your abundant grace.
In rev’rent awe, I will bow down.
Toward Your Most Holy place.

Lead me, O LORD, in righteousness,
Because of all my foes.
Make Your way straight in front of me;
Your righteous path disclose.

For there is no truth in their mouth;
Their nature is to harm.
Their throat is like an open grave;
With fawning tongue, they charm.

God, judge their guilt and let them fall
By the schemes that they spew.
Because of their sins cast them out;
They rebel against You.

Let all who take refuge in You
Continually rejoice;
Let them forever sing for joy,
And praise You with their voice!

Spread Your protection over them,
so that they may proclaim;
That they exult in You alone,
And that they love Your Name.

For You bless the righteous, O LORD,
And so You have revealed:
With favor You will cover him,
As with a mighty shield.

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Psalm 3 LM (88:88)

Lord, around me are many foes!
Against me they are all arrayed;
They say of me in all my woes,
“His God will never give him aid.”

Lord, around me You are a shield!
You lift my head; You’re my glory.
Aloud to the Lord I appealed;
From Zion’s hill, He answered me!

I lie down, sleep, and wake again,
For I am sustained by the Lord;
I will not fear thousands of men,
Around me like a hostile horde.

O LORD, arise and rescue me!
Save me from the wicked, O God!
On the cheek strike my enemy;
And break his teeth as with a rod.

Salvation belongs to the LORD;
There is no other name to call.
On Your saints, Your blessing is poured;
Your grace You’ve given to them all.

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Psalm 4 LM (88:88)

When I call to You, answer me;
O God, You are my righteousness.
When I pray, hear me graciously;
You have relieved me in distress.

O men, how long must glory be
Twisted by you into disgrace?
How long will you love vanity,
While worthless lies your hearts embrace?

Know that the Lord has set apart
The godly people as His own;
The LORD hears those of pious heart,
When they call to Him on His throne.

So, be angry but do not sin;
Meditate on your bed at night.
Let your heart be at peace within;
In silence, make God your delight.

Sacrifices to your God bring,
Offer the gift of righteousness;
Trust in the LORD in everything;
Your faith in Him daily confess.

The faithless multitude may say,
“Who can bring good things to our sight?”
But to You, LORD, we humbly pray,
Upon us lift Your face’s light.

You’ve put more joy into my heart,
Than they can ever hope to gain–
More than the best wine can impart,
Or comes from their abundant grain.

In peace I will lie down and sleep,
Trusting in You, O Lord, alone.
I know that You will always keep,
Me safely for I am Your own.

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Psalm 2 CM (86:86)

Why do the nations rage, and Man
On vain schemes set his mind?
The kings of the earth set them-selves,
And rulers are combined,

To plot against the Lord, and His
Anointed, saying thus:
“Let us asunder break their bonds,
And cast their cords from us.”

The One Who sits in Heaven laughs;
The Lord shall scorn them all.
Then He will speak to them in wrath,
In fury cast a pall:

“Yet, as for Me, I set my King;
Him I have appointed,
Over My holy hill Zion;
My King is anointed!”

His sure decree now I will tell:
“The Lord has said to Me,
‘You are My Son; this day I have
Alone begotten Thee.’”

“Ask of Me and Your heritage
The nations I shall make;
And of the ends of all the earth
Possession You shall take.”

“You shall, as with a heavy rod
Of iron, break them all;
And shatter them like pottery;
In pieces they will fall.”

Now therefore, kings, be wise! Be warned,
O rulers of the earth!
Serve God in fear, and see that you
Add trembling to your mirth,

So kiss the Son, lest in His ire,
You perish in the way;
His wrath burns quickly, yet are bless’d
All those who in Him stay.

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Psalm 1 (LM- 88:88)

Bless’d is the man who never will,
In counsels of the wicked walk;
Nor choose the path that sinners fill;
Nor take the seat of those who mock.

His joy is the law of the LORD;
On His Law he thinks day and night;
He is like a tree firmly shored;
Planted in a stream-watered site.

Yielding fruit when season demands;
Never wilting or withering;
In all he does, with heart or hands,
He has success in everything.

Not so the wicked in the land;
They are like chaff scattered by wind.
In the judgment, they will not stand;
Neither will any who have sinned.

Nothing is hidden from the Lord;
He knows the way of the righteous.
On the wicked His wrath is poured,
Their way will pass inglorious.

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Psalm 8 (LM – 88:88)

Psalm 8 (LM)
Ray Bromley, 2013 (put in public domain by author, 2013)
Suggested tune: Abends (hear it at CyberHymal)
(verse numbers are shown)

1 O Lord, our Lord, truly Your name
is majestic in all the earth!
Above the heavens well You claim
all glory, honor, praise and worth!

2 From mouths of infants You command
Your mighty strength against Your foes;
You silenced them as You have planned,
the avenger you vex with woes!

3 I see the great heavens on high,
which Your fingers have deftly made,
The stately moon which tracks the sky,
the many stars which Your hands laid.

4 What is mere man so that You do
remember him at all, O Lord?
What is the son of man that You
on him Your care and grace have poured?

5 Even so, You made man to be
little lower than Heaven’s throngs;
With glory crowned him, so that he
knows honor which to You belongs.

6 And You have given him control
over all the work of Your hands;
Beneath his feet You’ve placed the whole
of Your creation, seas, and lands!

7 You gave oxen and sheep to him,
and animals that frolic free;
8 the birds that fly, the fish that swim
with everything that’s in the sea!

9 Your power and grace we proclaim,
to the works which owe you their birth.
O Lord, our Lord, truly Your name
is majestic in all the earth!

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Psalm 24 (CM – 86:86)

Psalm 24 (CM)
Ray Bromley, 2013 (put in public domain by author, 2013)
Suggested tune: Arlington (hear it at CyberHymal)
(verse numbers are shown)

1 Earth is the Lord’s, and all on it;
The world, and all who dwell.
2 He founded it upon the seas
And on the streams that swell.

3 Who may ascend to the Lord’s hill,
Stand in His holy place?
4 Whose hands are clean, whose heart is pure;
who of guile has no trace.

5 The blessing of the Lord is His,
God’s saving righteous grace;
6 This generation does seek Him.
Jacob does seek Your face.

7 You gates, lift up your heads on high;
You doors everlasting,
Be lifted up, so that through you
may come all glory’s King

8 But Who of glory is the King?
The Lord, strong and mighty,
The Lord who strong in battle is,
The mighty Lord is He;

9 You gates, lift up your heads on high;
You doors everlasting,
Be lifted up, so that through you
may come all glory’s King

10 Who is this King? King of glory?
The Lord of hosts is He!
There is no other, He is King,
He is King of glory!

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Psalm 84 (LM – 88:88)

Psalm 24 (LM)
Ray Bromley, 2013 (put in public domain by author, 2013)
Suggested tune: Canonbury (hear it on
(verse numbers are shown)

1 How lovely is Your dwelling place,
O God, the LORD of hosts on high!
2 My soul longs for His courts of Grace;
to God my songs of joy will fly.

3 The lowly sparrow finds a home,
the swallow with her young ones lays,
All to Your altars, LORD they come,
my King and God, now and always.

4 Bless’d are those who dwell in Your house,
who ever sing Your endless praise!
5 Bless’d are those who Your strength espouse,
whose hearts are set on Your highways.

6 In deserts, they make waters flow,
the early rains fill them with pools.
7 From strength to strength they ever go,
to Zion, where the Lord God rules.

8 O LORD of hosts, now hear our prayer;
O God of Jacob, hear our plea!
9 O God, behold the shield we bear,
the face of Your Anointed see!

10 Better is one day in your courts,
than thousands I might pass elsewhere;
Better a keeper of God’s ports,
than dwellings with the wicked share.

11 A sun and shield is God our LORD,
bestowing honor and mercy;
Ev’ry good thing by Him is poured,
for all those who walk uprightly.

12 O LORD of hosts, bless’d is the one,
who trusts in You, whatever be.
* Bless’d by the Father, in the Son,
with Spirit, for eternity.

* Added by author. May be replaced by repeating verse 12

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Psalm 92 (LM – 88:88)

Psalm 92 (LM)
Ray Bromley, 2013 (put in public domain by author, 2013)
Suggested tune: Jesu Christ Meins (hear it on
(verse numbers are shown)

1 To give thanks to the LORD is right!
Most High, to sing praises to You;
2 to declare Your grace at first light,
Your faithfulness when day is through.

3 With music of many fine strings,
the sounds of the harp we employ.
4 For gladness, O LORD, Your work brings;
for all your works, I sing for joy.

5 LORD, great are the works of Your hand!
How very deep Your ev’ry thought!
6 Foolish men do not understand;
the simple try but they cannot.

7 And though the wicked sprout like grass
and evildoers may prosper,
their own destruction comes to pass;
8 But You, LORD will reign forever!

9 Behold, O LORD, your enemies;
your enemies shall all perish!
All doers of iniquities
shall be scattered and will vanish!

10 But You have caused my horn to rise,
and poured on me the oil that cheers.
11 I’ve seen my foes fall with my eyes
and heard their doom with my own ears.

12 The righteous thrive like the palm tree,
as cedars grow in Lebanon;
13 Planted in God’s house certainly,
in courts of God, they will live on.

14 In old age still much fruit they bear,
yet full of sap and greenery.
15 The LORD is upright, I declare;
He is my rock, pure and holy.

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Psalm 116 (LM – 88:88)

Psalm 116 (LM)
Ray Bromley, 2013 (put in public domain by author, 2013)
Suggested tune: Canonbury (hear it on
(verse numbers are shown)

1 I love the LORD, because he hears
my cry for mercy and my plea.
2 Because he has inclined his ears,
I call on Him continually.

3 The snares of death encompassed me,
I was in the grasp of Sheol;
4 Then I called God desperately
“O LORD, I pray, redeem my soul!”

5 Righteous and gracious is the LORD!
Our God abounds with great mercy!
6 The simple ones His eye is toward;
When I was low, then He saved me.

7 Return to rest, have peace, my soul,
for the LORD has dealt well with you!
8 He rescued you from death’s steep toll,
saved you from tears and stumbling, too!

9 Before the LORD now I will walk,
with those to whom He gives new life.
10 The faith I have now guides my talk,
although I might find greif and strife.

11 In hastiness I did once say,
“All people lie and pledge falsely”
12 “What to the LORD could I repay
for all that He has given me?”

13 Salvation’s cup now I will raise,
and on the LORD’s Name I will call;
14 To God I will pay vows of praise,
in hearing of His saints and all!

15 Most precious in the LORD God’s sight
is ev’ry death of His dear saints.
16 LORD, I serve You with all my might;
You have loosed my bonds and restraints!

17 I offer You my sacrifice,
I call upon the LORD with thanks;
18 I pay to my LORD the just price,
of praise among His people’s ranks.

19 In courts of the house of the LORD,
in the midst of Jerusalem.
My vows of thanks are now outpoured:
Praise to the LORD! All praise to Him!

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