Psalm 116 (LM – 88:88)

Psalm 116 (LM)
Ray Bromley, 2013 (put in public domain by author, 2013)
Suggested tune: Canonbury (hear it on
(verse numbers are shown)

1 I love the LORD, because he hears
my cry for mercy and my plea.
2 Because he has inclined his ears,
I call on Him continually.

3 The snares of death encompassed me,
I was in the grasp of Sheol;
4 Then I called God desperately
“O LORD, I pray, redeem my soul!”

5 Righteous and gracious is the LORD!
Our God abounds with great mercy!
6 The simple ones His eye is toward;
When I was low, then He saved me.

7 Return to rest, have peace, my soul,
for the LORD has dealt well with you!
8 He rescued you from death’s steep toll,
saved you from tears and stumbling, too!

9 Before the LORD now I will walk,
with those to whom He gives new life.
10 The faith I have now guides my talk,
although I might find greif and strife.

11 In hastiness I did once say,
“All people lie and pledge falsely”
12 “What to the LORD could I repay
for all that He has given me?”

13 Salvation’s cup now I will raise,
and on the LORD’s Name I will call;
14 To God I will pay vows of praise,
in hearing of His saints and all!

15 Most precious in the LORD God’s sight
is ev’ry death of His dear saints.
16 LORD, I serve You with all my might;
You have loosed my bonds and restraints!

17 I offer You my sacrifice,
I call upon the LORD with thanks;
18 I pay to my LORD the just price,
of praise among His people’s ranks.

19 In courts of the house of the LORD,
in the midst of Jerusalem.
My vows of thanks are now outpoured:
Praise to the LORD! All praise to Him!

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