Psalm 92 (LM – 88:88)

Psalm 92 (LM)
Ray Bromley, 2013 (put in public domain by author, 2013)
Suggested tune: Jesu Christ Meins (hear it on
(verse numbers are shown)

1 To give thanks to the LORD is right!
Most High, to sing praises to You;
2 to declare Your grace at first light,
Your faithfulness when day is through.

3 With music of many fine strings,
the sounds of the harp we employ.
4 For gladness, O LORD, Your work brings;
for all your works, I sing for joy.

5 LORD, great are the works of Your hand!
How very deep Your ev’ry thought!
6 Foolish men do not understand;
the simple try but they cannot.

7 And though the wicked sprout like grass
and evildoers may prosper,
their own destruction comes to pass;
8 But You, LORD will reign forever!

9 Behold, O LORD, your enemies;
your enemies shall all perish!
All doers of iniquities
shall be scattered and will vanish!

10 But You have caused my horn to rise,
and poured on me the oil that cheers.
11 I’ve seen my foes fall with my eyes
and heard their doom with my own ears.

12 The righteous thrive like the palm tree,
as cedars grow in Lebanon;
13 Planted in God’s house certainly,
in courts of God, they will live on.

14 In old age still much fruit they bear,
yet full of sap and greenery.
15 The LORD is upright, I declare;
He is my rock, pure and holy.

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