Psalm 84 (LM – 88:88)

Psalm 24 (LM)
Ray Bromley, 2013 (put in public domain by author, 2013)
Suggested tune: Canonbury (hear it on
(verse numbers are shown)

1 How lovely is Your dwelling place,
O God, the LORD of hosts on high!
2 My soul longs for His courts of Grace;
to God my songs of joy will fly.

3 The lowly sparrow finds a home,
the swallow with her young ones lays,
All to Your altars, LORD they come,
my King and God, now and always.

4 Bless’d are those who dwell in Your house,
who ever sing Your endless praise!
5 Bless’d are those who Your strength espouse,
whose hearts are set on Your highways.

6 In deserts, they make waters flow,
the early rains fill them with pools.
7 From strength to strength they ever go,
to Zion, where the Lord God rules.

8 O LORD of hosts, now hear our prayer;
O God of Jacob, hear our plea!
9 O God, behold the shield we bear,
the face of Your Anointed see!

10 Better is one day in your courts,
than thousands I might pass elsewhere;
Better a keeper of God’s ports,
than dwellings with the wicked share.

11 A sun and shield is God our LORD,
bestowing honor and mercy;
Ev’ry good thing by Him is poured,
for all those who walk uprightly.

12 O LORD of hosts, bless’d is the one,
who trusts in You, whatever be.
* Bless’d by the Father, in the Son,
with Spirit, for eternity.

* Added by author. May be replaced by repeating verse 12

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