Psalm 8 (LM – 88:88)

Psalm 8 (LM)
Ray Bromley, 2013 (put in public domain by author, 2013)
Suggested tune: Abends (hear it at CyberHymal)
(verse numbers are shown)

1 O Lord, our Lord, truly Your name
is majestic in all the earth!
Above the heavens well You claim
all glory, honor, praise and worth!

2 From mouths of infants You command
Your mighty strength against Your foes;
You silenced them as You have planned,
the avenger you vex with woes!

3 I see the great heavens on high,
which Your fingers have deftly made,
The stately moon which tracks the sky,
the many stars which Your hands laid.

4 What is mere man so that You do
remember him at all, O Lord?
What is the son of man that You
on him Your care and grace have poured?

5 Even so, You made man to be
little lower than Heaven’s throngs;
With glory crowned him, so that he
knows honor which to You belongs.

6 And You have given him control
over all the work of Your hands;
Beneath his feet You’ve placed the whole
of Your creation, seas, and lands!

7 You gave oxen and sheep to him,
and animals that frolic free;
8 the birds that fly, the fish that swim
with everything that’s in the sea!

9 Your power and grace we proclaim,
to the works which owe you their birth.
O Lord, our Lord, truly Your name
is majestic in all the earth!

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