Psalm 1 (LM- 88:88)

Bless’d is the man who never will,
In counsels of the wicked walk;
Nor choose the path that sinners fill;
Nor take the seat of those who mock.

His joy is the law of the LORD;
On His Law he thinks day and night;
He is like a tree firmly shored;
Planted in a stream-watered site.

Yielding fruit when season demands;
Never wilting or withering;
In all he does, with heart or hands,
He has success in everything.

Not so the wicked in the land;
They are like chaff scattered by wind.
In the judgment, they will not stand;
Neither will any who have sinned.

Nothing is hidden from the Lord;
He knows the way of the righteous.
On the wicked His wrath is poured,
Their way will pass inglorious.

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