Psalm 2 CM (86:86)

Why do the nations rage, and Man
On vain schemes set his mind?
The kings of the earth set them-selves,
And rulers are combined,

To plot against the Lord, and His
Anointed, saying thus:
“Let us asunder break their bonds,
And cast their cords from us.”

The One Who sits in Heaven laughs;
The Lord shall scorn them all.
Then He will speak to them in wrath,
In fury cast a pall:

“Yet, as for Me, I set my King;
Him I have appointed,
Over My holy hill Zion;
My King is anointed!”

His sure decree now I will tell:
“The Lord has said to Me,
‘You are My Son; this day I have
Alone begotten Thee.’”

“Ask of Me and Your heritage
The nations I shall make;
And of the ends of all the earth
Possession You shall take.”

“You shall, as with a heavy rod
Of iron, break them all;
And shatter them like pottery;
In pieces they will fall.”

Now therefore, kings, be wise! Be warned,
O rulers of the earth!
Serve God in fear, and see that you
Add trembling to your mirth,

So kiss the Son, lest in His ire,
You perish in the way;
His wrath burns quickly, yet are bless’d
All those who in Him stay.

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