Psalm 3 LM (88:88)

Lord, around me are many foes!
Against me they are all arrayed;
They say of me in all my woes,
“His God will never give him aid.”

Lord, around me You are a shield!
You lift my head; You’re my glory.
Aloud to the Lord I appealed;
From Zion’s hill, He answered me!

I lie down, sleep, and wake again,
For I am sustained by the Lord;
I will not fear thousands of men,
Around me like a hostile horde.

O LORD, arise and rescue me!
Save me from the wicked, O God!
On the cheek strike my enemy;
And break his teeth as with a rod.

Salvation belongs to the LORD;
There is no other name to call.
On Your saints, Your blessing is poured;
Your grace You’ve given to them all.

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