Psalm 4 LM (88:88)

When I call to You, answer me;
O God, You are my righteousness.
When I pray, hear me graciously;
You have relieved me in distress.

O men, how long must glory be
Twisted by you into disgrace?
How long will you love vanity,
While worthless lies your hearts embrace?

Know that the Lord has set apart
The godly people as His own;
The LORD hears those of pious heart,
When they call to Him on His throne.

So, be angry but do not sin;
Meditate on your bed at night.
Let your heart be at peace within;
In silence, make God your delight.

Sacrifices to your God bring,
Offer the gift of righteousness;
Trust in the LORD in everything;
Your faith in Him daily confess.

The faithless multitude may say,
“Who can bring good things to our sight?”
But to You, LORD, we humbly pray,
Upon us lift Your face’s light.

You’ve put more joy into my heart,
Than they can ever hope to gain–
More than the best wine can impart,
Or comes from their abundant grain.

In peace I will lie down and sleep,
Trusting in You, O Lord, alone.
I know that You will always keep,
Me safely for I am Your own.

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