Psalm 6 LM (88:88)

Lord, in anger, don’t rebuke me;
In Your wrath no chastisement make.
Lord, I am weak — show me mercy;
Heal me, for all my bones now quake.

My soul is quaking with fear too;
Lord, how long must I know distress?
Turn, O Lord — come to my rescue;
Save me in Your lovingkindness.

In death, there is no thought of You;
And who can praise You from the grave?
I groan all day, and all night through;
My tears flood my bed like a wave.

My eye grows dim because I grieve,
It fails because of all my foes;
All you wicked, now take your leave;
The Lord has heard my cries and woes.

The Lord has heard my earnest pleas;
He accepts my prayers in His Name.
He will dismay my enemies;
They shall at once be put to shame.

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