Psalm 7 LM (88:88)

LORD God for Your refuge I call;
Save me from all those who pursue;
Lest my soul, like lions, they maul;
And tear me, with none to rescue.

O, LORD God, if this I have made;
If there is evil in my hands;
If harm to my friend I’ve repaid;
Or made foes through unjust demands…

Then let the foe pursue my soul;
Let him stomp my life in the ground.
To the dust, let my glory roll;
Let all my honor there be found.

Arise, O LORD in Your fury;
Lift Yourself up against my foes;
Against their wrath, awake for me;
Command the judgment that You chose.

Gather the people around You;
Return to rule them from on high;
The LORD judges all as His due:
My righteous heart, LORD, verify.

End wicked evil of all kinds,
And make all the righteous secure;
You, who tests all our hearts and minds,
O God of Hosts, righteous and pure.

God is my shield; He will save me;
He saves hearts set on the right way;
God on high judges righteously;
God is indignant every day.

If any man will not repent,
God has prepared His sword of death;
His bow of vengeance has been bent,
His arrows breathe a fiery breath.

The wicked man is in labor;
Pregnant with mischief, he gives birth;
He bears trouble for his neighbor;
And his lies populate the earth.

He makes a pit and digs it deep,
But falls into the hole he made;
On his own head, his woe he’ll heap;
To him, his violence is repaid.

I thank the LORD, for He is just;
He is righteous in everything;
I praise the LORD, in whom I trust;
To the Most High my praise I sing.

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